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With our trained videographers we will capture your football event in a minimum of stunning HD1080p with the added option of beautiful 4k.

we can cover everything from the season-long journey to one off matches, from the special cup final to home and away rain or shine.

we specialise in charity matches and promoting your event to raise awareness of your chosen charity and enable the players to relive the action of the day.

For agents or academies we offer the filming of trial or showcase games with instant review available for all attendies via public or private link.


We can create easy to watch highlight packages for your clubs social media accounts complete with your club badge and sponsers advertising help boost club income.

Proformance can provide individual player highlights for your clubs staff and players to review to help  identify areas needing improvement and progress player development.

Proformance specialises in creating video montages for both team and indviduals.

 Team montages are ideal for motivational perposes before a big game or to show the story of the season at the clubs awards event. 

Player montages are ideal to attract attention from clubs, managers and scouts at higher levels to help progress your career.


Using specially designed software we are able to record key performance indicators relevant to your team and style of play. 

we use this data along side tactical clips to compile a short video report on the match to help your team reach its goals.

datebasing is a key part of what we do at PFA and enables teams to track both team and individual stats and contributions towards games throughout the season.

we have developed a true value system to see which players in your team have the greatest input on the pitch in each game and over the course of the season.

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